About Rosemary A. Leone, MFTC

Rising from Heartbreak to Radical Liberation 

Through learning about relationships and how they really work, I began my studies as a therapist with the intention of saving adults and adolescents from heartbreak. Though the efforts to prevent a broken heart are honorable, I soon realized that heartbreak is what makes us who we are. For instance, heartbreak informs the music we grow to identify with, the values we develop, the friends we connect with the most, and the creative endeavors we invest our time in. Heartbreak guides us to a greater purpose, forcing us to look for new hope, which for me was this profession.

And so, my aim shifted from saving people from heartbreak, to standing alongside clients within heartbreak. I do this by supporting the realization of a higher meaning, connecting one with their experience, identifying transformational goals, uncovering internal sabotage or bias, and using self-doubt/ insecurities to one’s advantage. After all, who am I to deny people of liberating self-acceptance and self-exploration by preventing all that transformative heartbreak?

Heartbreak has many forms

I see my areas of focus as differing forms of heartbreak. Heartbreak is a result of stifling the self through ones own doings, internalizing the misinformed doings of others, and the prevailing operations of systemic oppression. It is for this reason that I embark on the life long effort to effectively serve a culturally diverse clientele of unique race, sexuality, and gender by attempting to grasp all factors that contribute to a person’s one-of-a-kind life experience.

Areas of focus: LGBTQ youth & their families, racism and bias, generational trauma, inequities, LGBTQIA2S+, loss of self worth, “a dream deferred”, kinship, adoption, post divorce, miscarriage, abortion, life transitions, death, grief, relationship worries, intimacy concerns, and anxiety.

The Art of Effective Practice

I am passionate about every member of a family or relationship having the right to thrive in their unique way while maintaining connection to one another. I believe my clients have the solutions to their problems already within them. By connecting clients to their experience, I inspire those solutions to rise to the surface. Not only am I equipped to help bring about desired goals, but also provide the necessary support when the world seems to push back against new ways of being. My work expands past the therapy room in the form of advocacy, publication, research, and policy change.

My experience as a carpenter, Hollywood set decorator, costumer, and comedian helps inform the creativity in my intervention. Something unique I do is inspire the kind of outcomes one might gain in an improve comedy class, such as active listening, acceptance, courage, self-trust, presence, cooperation, and self-validation. I’ve been known to use a client’s love of art, music, poetry, or theatre to work towards therapeutic goals that are measurable and sustained. Moreover, at Regis University, my understanding of theory was compared to an encyclopedia for evidenced based therapeutic modalities.

When initiating therapy, I begin by assessing the client’s problem or relational concern by obtaining a grasp on context, family interactions, and unique experiences that help shape clients into who they are. I then assist in the identification of a concrete goal. A treatment plan will then be developed that includes specific, custom intervention. Once progress has been measured and a closing session is decided upon, clients can expect a 30-minute, complementary check-in session two months after the closing of treatment to assess for sustained, desired change.

So if you know what you want in life and you might know the steps to get there, but you just can’t bring yourself to take action, please reach out to me. My methods also work well for people who have experienced minimal results with therapy in the past or don’t think therapy is for them. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have. I look forward to seeing if I have the right skills to address your wellness needs and goals.

Rates for Rosemary A. Leone, MFTC

Individual | Family | Couples Therapy: $140
(50-minute session; in-person or Telehealth video)
Extended sessions will be charged prorated in 10-minute increments – $28 for each additional 10 min.

More Information About Rates

I will respond to brief emails for scheduling purposes at no charge.
Phone calls no longer than 15 minutes in-between sessions are free for scheduling or other basic questions.
Longer or more in-depth calls and/or calls with other providers/caregivers that last more than 15 minutes are billed prorated at $140 per hour.