Dr. Mindy Solomon, Dr. Kristen Lohse, and Libby Parks (LCSW) are accepting new clients. Please send a follow-up email to mhmh@milehighmentalhealth.com if you’d like to schedule an intake call. Our Intake Director & Team Lead, Daniel Solomon, will reach back out to you via email within 1-2 days. Please note that Daniel will be away from the office June 8-23 and will not be returning new prospective client emails and calls during those two weeks.

Rosemary A. Leone (MFTC) left MHMH and has established her own private practice. Rosemary can be reached at (719) 422-3382. She currently has availability to accept new clients. Note that our website has not been updated to reflect Rosemary’s MHMH departure.

We know that seeking therapy services for yourself or a loved-one can be a difficult and vulnerable process. Our clients are our partners in their therapy process, and our goal is to support you in your ability to make the changes you seek.

Discover the healing that comes from an empathetic, supportive, and expertly-guided therapeutic relationship with the team at Mile High Mental Health.

The MHMH team from left to right: Rosemary Leone, Daniel Solomon, Dr. Mindy Solomon, Dr. Kristen Lohse, and Libby Parks

Our belief is that you must treat a person, not an illness. 

Each of our therapists have extensive training, background, and education in evidence-based treatment models, and we infuse these models into our work.

We work with clients who are:

  • Children, teens, and their families
  • Individual adults
  • Minors and adults of the LGBTQIA+ community
  • Parents and caregivers
  • Couples and families

Our clients are people who understand that therapy is a process that can have a lot of twists and turns, and that change is not a process that happens overnight. 

As such, symptom relief often comes and goes in fits and spurts, with real change and growth often occurring underneath the surface. 

We help people find healing with their mental wellness struggles by creating an empathic space of growth, change, and peace.

We treat our clients like we would want our family treated.

We want everyone who interacts with MHMH to feel seen and heard, cared for, nurtured, respected, and valued. The moment someone reaches out to us, we want them to feel our shared humanity, regardless of if they become our client or not.

We do this work because we genuinely believe in it.

We are a warm, family practice interested in helping people find peace and healing. Our empathic nature and desire to help people heal comes from a calling within us. People are not paying us to be empathic, they are paying for our expertise – the empathy is inherent.

We do not believe that people can or should be "fixed."

While we seek to help our clients find relief from psychological symptoms and the mental wellness struggles they are experiencing, this is not the only focus of therapy. We support people as they navigate growth and change to meet each day as it comes.