About Daniel Solomon


Unbeknownst to me at the time, 2001 was an important year in the eventual creation of Mile High Mental Health (albeit 18 years later). I had just concluded “career #1”  in film marketing at Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles, and I was embarking on my 2nd career as a middle school teacher. Additionally, after getting my first Masters degree in Broadcast Journalism in the mid-90s, I was midway through getting my second Masters degree, this time around in Sports Psychology.

And just as I was simultaneously working in a school and going back to school, I met a first-year Psychology Ph.D. student named Mindy. A “spontaneous” trip to Italy with Mindy after we had been dating for only 5 weeks cemented our hopes and belief that we had both found our best friend and future life companion in one another. Our lives were changing in inspiring ways (and of course would continue to change), and the seeds for our future psychology practice had been planted.

My brick n’ mortar teaching career lasted seven years, having taught every grade from 2nd to 12th, and having taught Science, P.E. and Math (in both California and Colorado). From classroom teaching, I moved into project/team management and course development for an online education company – a career which spanned nearly a decade. Those years were highlighted by the birth of our two children (now teenagers), and I also wore the primary “stay-at-home-parent” hat during that time.

In 2018-19 it became apparent that Mindy and I were ready to merge our education, experience, and energy to forge new personal and professional paths for ourselves – and together. Relying on each others’ strengths and inspiration, we created a family psychology practice that would support our eventual clients in being heard, seen, and connected-to in way that would meaningfully foster their growth and healing.

My role as the Team/Business Lead and Intake Director for Mile High Mental Health is three-fold. I’m here to:

  • Offer a compassionate ear to those seeking hope that their search in finding the right therapist for them, their loved one, and/or their family lies within the MHMH therapists’ family & team.
  • Provide current clients a resource for the logistical parts of their therapeutic processes (i.e. scheduling, billing, Q&As, etc.) so that the true focus of their time with their therapist can be spent doing the life-changing repair and healing of their mental wellness.
  • Coach our team of talented therapists to strengthen the human-to-human connection that roots the nurturing therapeutic relationship between client and therapist.

Please allow me to welcome you to Mile High Mental Health…I’m appreciative that you’ve found us.