Treating Children and Adolescents

  • Why do tired kids fight going to sleep?
  • Why does my easy-going child suddenly seem so rigid and stubborn?
  • My child used to be so self-confident and now he/she seems so insecure – what happened? Why does my child seem so angry all the time?
  • Why do teens that are feeling lonely, misunderstood and vulnerable push their loving families away and use potentially harmful coping strategies?

Child/adolescent development can be full of frustrating contradictions for everyone. Their behavior and emotional reactions often seem confusing (to parents and kids). Children and adolescents are not just “small adults.” Their rapidly developing brains, bodies and social environments pose complex challenges along with unique opportunities for growth and change.

As kids mature, they will experience shifts in their thinking, mood and behavioral patterns. Many young people need help dealing with school stress, social relationships, family problems, communication and managing their emotions. This often happens when people become “stuck” in a pattern of thinking and/or behavior.

Therapy can help children/adolescents and their parents better understand these patterns and learn behavioral and emotional skills and strategies to improve their ability to successfully navigate these areas of their lives.

There are predictable ranges of cognitive, emotional and social growth that occur within the context of normal development. During these periods of growth, it can be difficult to know which changes reflect normal development (i.e. a “phase”) or if they might be signs and symptoms of a mental health disorder. Part of the initial phase of treatment will be to assess whether the problems fit within the range of normal development, and what kinds of services might be most beneficial.

Mile High Mental Health offers specialized, strength-based child and adolescent treatment with a strong evidence base for maximum effectiveness in helping your child and family.